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United Kingdom
I'm a British girl who has many interests. Many include; anime, games, TV manga, drawing, Tumblring and all that fun shtuffs! :D I have a really weird obsession with turians too .3.

My art varies time to time as it can go from photography to doodles to drawings. I mainly play games for a living but I am a student studying Games design too. I tend to play violent games such as God of War, Mass Effect, The Darkness, AvP, Asura's Wrath etc. but I also play games such as Portal <3

I'm not really the best at drawing yet but I hope to develop my skills through out my life.
Happy DeviantArting!


Oozedemon by Silent-Black-Sky45
Result of the stream! It took longer than I wanted (and it’s barely done) needs more added to it but I thought to do the rest later in my own time

The character is based on the art vent from a few weeks ago. Decided I wanted to draw it full bodied

art+character © me
These prices will be effective from 17/01/15
Prices depend on the complexity <3

* * * PRICES * * *

Cleaned Sketches

~ £ 3 - 5 or $ 5 - 8 for headshots 
~ £ 6 - 8 or $ 9 - 12 for waist up
~ £ 9 - 11 or $ 13 - 15 for full body

Example 1…
Example 2…
Example 3…

Coloured Sketches
Flat colours
~ £ 6 or $ 9 for headshots 
~ £ 9 or $ 13 for waist up
~ £ 12 or $ 16 for full body

Example 1…
Example 2…

Line Art
~ £ 4 - 6 or $ 6 - 9 for headshots 
~ £ 7 - 9 or $ 10 - 13 for waist up
~ £ 10 - 12 or $ 14 -16 for full body

Example 1…

Coloured Line Art 
Flat colours
~ £ 7 or $ 10
~ £ 10 or $ 15
~ £ 13 or $ 19

Example 1…

Turian Design
Standard - Comes with headshot, colour palette, flat colours, possible accessories, extras
~ £ 7 or $10

Example 1…

Full body - design will cost a little extra, comes with front and back view and everything in the standard section too
~ £ 10 or $15

Example 1…

Custom Yagenol
Comes with fullbody, close up headshot, flat colours and colour palette
~ £ 7 or $ 11

What is a Yagenol?…

* * *TOS* * *

You As the Commissioner
- Can upload the work done for you anywhere as long as you give credit to me and a link back to my FA/Tumblr account
- May cancel your commission at any time and a partial refund for work not done will be given. (Amount will be decided by me). A full refund will be given if I have not started.
- May not edit my work unless granted permission.
- May not reproduce the image on merchandise or make prints of my work.

As the Artist
- I retain all copyright to my work, even if the characters contained my work are not mine. Commissioner credit will be given as well as artists (if it's a closed species).
- If you are reselling a character in an image I worked on for you, then the buyer may only purchase the reposting rights to the image. I still retain all copyright to my work for that character.
- I reserve the right to cancel at any time without explanation.
- I will only cancel if a commissioner is being rude, unreasonable, or if I have a life emergency.

Pricing and Payment
- For Line Art payment is due upon the completion of the sketch stage and that I’m given the okay to continue.
- For Sketches payment is due upon the completion of the commission. Money must be sent before the commission
- I reserve the right to change my prices and charge extra for complicated characters. What I consider "complicated" is my own opinion. 
- Each extra character will be an additional + £ 3 or $ 5

Deadlines/Time frame of the commission
- I do not take deadlines.
- Commissions should not take longer than a month.
- Depending on my life situation.

- Commissions have a sketch approval stage. I will not begin to add colour or lay out the line art unless the sketch is approved by you, the commissioner.

Refund Policy
- I do not issue refunds, partial or full, on work once my work is completed.

Drawing Stipulations
- I will only draw characters that have a picture reference, text descriptions and small pixel art does not count.
- I do not do over the top adult themes or over the top gore, mechs, overly muscled, inflated, anything hyper or over exaggerated, or stand alone copyrighted characters. OCs of shows and games are fine but none copyrighted to a company.
- I may make exceptions depending on the character
- I reserve the right to deny any request that makes me uncomfortable

Contacting me
You can contact me through FA's notes, this journal, my deviantart account or tumblr account. Do not bug me about the commission or I will deny it completely.
Art Venting by Silent-Black-Sky45
Art Venting
So I ended up fining this from when I needed to vent through drawing.

I had been super stressed over forcing myself to constantly draw turians so I just let my imagination go wild

And tbh, it felt good. I have no idea what the hell this is but I know it's mouth is overflowing with ooze

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