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Viryn Corellix - body ref v2 by Silent-Black-Sky45
Viryn Corellix - body ref v2
Finally got a design I am happy with. Just have to do the mature content as my one weakness is there: Turian vaginaaaaa
Wormneck Dragon by Silent-Black-Sky45
Wormneck Dragon
FlightRising re awoken my love for dragons so here is my original dragon breed, the Wormneck.

Maximum Length: 25-28M
Maximum Wingspan: 7-9M
Average Weight: 3000-3500Kg

Physical Attributes 
The Wormneck is a rather strange dragon, it’s skin is smooth to touch but is hard as steel. 
They might not be the tallest dragon but it it insanely long for one. Male Worm necks have larger wings than females but females have large imposing spikes on the back of their hind legs.
They have spines that run down the length of their body, in sets of 3. When born, the spines are not fully developed so if you;d see a young Wormneck it would be best to avoid contact. They are not fun to mess with when in moods.
These dragons enjoy water, often swimming fown to find underwater volcanoes to soak in the heat. When on land they play together and interact with land dragons as well as other possible water dwelling dragons. 

Wormnecks socialise through swimming and dancing through swimming. Talking through soundwaves is their way of talking when submerged in water.
These slippery dragons also work together against land dwelling dragons and animals, power is in numbers in their eyes. 
When swimming in packs, they go looking for possible rare stones in the underwater caverns. If they stumble across another lair they apologise and leave. 
These dragons are carefree, loving company of others when they can. They even have multiple mates (if they want to) when they move clan to clan, on their maturity pilgrimage. 

Wormnecks prefer their lairs to be in caves underwater. These long giants are adepts in the water, able to go to dangerous depths and see in the dark to find caves. 
Since other races live on land they don’t have to deal with dealing with complaints of land dragons. 

In underwater battle, Wormnecks use their flexibility and swimming to quickly over power their opponent. They use their razor sharp claws and teeth to slice the adversary to pieces. Their spines also spike up when aggravated so they can’t be attacked from behind. It’s best to not fight a Wormneck in their element. 
On land they use the same tactic of using their teeth and claws. Since they do not have their quick swimming on their side they rely on power and luck. If an enemy is weakened, they wrap themselves around that opponent and crush their bodies like a snake would.

Wormneck copyright goes to the one and only moi



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United Kingdom
I'm a British girl who has many interests. Many include; anime, games, TV manga, drawing, Tumblring and all that fun shtuffs! :D I have a really weird obsession with turians too .3.

My art varies time to time as it can go from photography to doodles to drawings. I mainly play games for a living but I am a student studying Games design too. I tend to play violent games such as God of War, Mass Effect, The Darkness, AvP, Asura's Wrath etc. but I also play games such as Portal <3

I'm not really the best at drawing yet but I hope to develop my skills through out my life.
Happy DeviantArting!

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